Board of Directors

The board of directors at gbm consists of 8 members with extensive management experience in industries and different specialties, including several main corporate executives. The board is responsible for supervising the overall business operation and critical affairs. The board members’ brief biographies are shown as follows:

Yu Heng Chiao,

Chairman, currently serves as the Chairman at GBM, the Chairman at Walsin Technology Corporation, and the Executive Director at Walsin Lihwa. Mr. Chiao is also the Chairman at Walton Advanced Engineering, Inc. and Prosperity Dielectrics Co., Ltd., among others. Mr. Chiao is MBA at Golden Gate University.

C. C. Tsai,

Director, has over 30 years of experience in the manufacturing industry. Mr. Tsai was the Director-General at Chunghwa County Industrial Association; presently, he serves as a Director at Taiwan Footwear Manufacturers Association. Mr. Tsai currently is the Chairman at Pou Chen.

Chin Chu Lu,

Director, has more than 30 years of experience in the industries of chemical, footwear, and electronics. At present, Mr. Lu serves as General Manager of the second Business Unit at Pou Chen.

Len Yu Liu,

Independent Director, is a law professor in the department of law at National Chengchi University. Currently, he serves as a director for the Securities and Futures Investors Protection Center. He is also a part-time professor at School of Law, Taipei University. He served as a commissioner of the Fair Trade Commission, Executive Yuan, R.O.C. in 2001-2004. Professor Liu holds a doctoral degree in law at Stanford University and a master degree at Harvard Law School, respectively.

Tien I Chiu,

Independent Director, is currently a lawyer and serves as a lecturer at Tung Hai University and at Chung Yuan Christian University. Earlier than that, Mr. Chiu was a lawyer at Cheng Yuan, and a lecturer at Chung-Hua Institution of Economic Research. Mr. Chiu holds a master degree in financial and economic law at Chung Yuan Christian University.

Bor Liang Chen,

Independent Director, is a professor in the department of business administration at National Taichung Institute of Technology. He served as the head of Academic Affairs Division, the head of General Affairs Division, and the head of Technology Cooperation Division at National Taichung Institute of Technology. Professor Chen holds a doctoral degree in applied mathematics at National Chiao Tung University.

Sheng Yih Hu,

Director, Hu was the Chief VP at Mega International Commercial Bank. Mr. Hu holds a master degree in economics at Yale University, and a master degree & a doctoral degree at Chinese Culture University.

Huan Chung Chen,

Director, is a CPA of Wang Tong & Co., CPAs. Mr. Chen worked as a deputy general manager in E.Sun Bills Finance Corp.; before that, he worked in the auditing division of E.Sun Bank, and also in Deloitte & Touche Taiwan. Mr. Chen is a graduate from the Department of Industrial Management of NTUST (National Taiwan University of Science and Technology).