ChongQing BD

ChongQing BD is located at FengHuangHu Industrial Park,YongChuan District ChongQing City,China. The first phase of the project officially put into production on November 28, 2012, as the first start production of Taiwan funded printed circuit board factory in the Chongqing area . At present, day and night shift for production, about 1400 employees, monthly production capacity of 1200000 square feet. The main products in addition to apply to the notebook computer, will the expansion board products, printers, servers, workstations, television, mobile phone, flat field. The production capacity will gradually to 3000000 square feet per month

Operation concept: customer success is our responsibility, quality is our life, sustainable management is our commitment

Exquisite process capability and effective cost control, products and services to provide economic, efficient for customers, and to stand in the forefront of business.

The Technology Roadmap

Item Capability
Min.&Max. Layer Count 4L/14L
Lamination uniformity ± 0. 5mil (±0.0005inch/±0.013mm)
Inner Min. Lind Width/Space 3mil/ 3mil (0.003inch/0.076mm)
Min Core Thickness 3mil (0.003inch/0.076mm)
Outer Min. Lind Width/Space 3mil/ 3mil (0.003inch/0.076mm)
Min. Hole Size 8mil (0.008inch/0.20mm)
Drilling Accuracy ± 2mil (±0.002inch/±0.05mm)
PTH Hole Tolerance ±2mil
>Max. Aspect Ratio 8:1
Molding Tolerance 4mil (0.004inch/0.1mm)
Min & Max Finished board thickness 24mil/126mil
( 0.024inch/0.126inch; 0.60mm/ 3.2mm)
Max. Panel Size 21inch* 24inch
Min. Panel Size 10inch* 10inch
Board Bend / Twist  0.5%
The Characteristic
Impedance Control Tolerance
60 ohm ± 10%
50 ohm ± 10%
50 ohm(以下) ± 5 ohm
The differential Impedance Control Tolerance 100 ohm ± 10%
90 ohm ± 10%
70 ohm ± 10%
70 ohm(以下) ± 15%
Registration Accuracy ≦3mil
(≦ 0.003inch/ 0.076mm)
Surface Finishing OSP

Chongqing BD on the production quality and environmental protection very seriously, for many years actively pursue a more perfect quality management system, enterprise safety and health system, and in accordance with the relevant laws and regulations, in order to effectively enhance the overall operating activities

Quality Certification:

  • ISO9001:2008 approved in the Match 2013
  • u
  • ISO14001:2004 approved in the Match 2013
  • u
  • QC080000:2012 approved in the Match 2013
  • u
  • OHSAS18001:2007 approved in the match 2013
  • u
  • UL audit approved in the May 2013

Efforts to implement the quality policy as "do a good job the first time, the pursuit of zero defect. " & "Full participation, through the implementation of the quality management system and continuous improvement, to produce high-quality products, improve customer satisfaction. " For the implementation of the customer commitment to quality and practice of a high standard of quality policy, quality goals set for:” Six Sigma management system, the pursuit of zero defect quality. " The present quality authentication goal as "ISO/TS16949: 2002 quality management system". At present, is actively promoting the following quality activities:

  • Six Sigma project management system
  • PDCA project improvement system
  • proposals to improve the incentive system
  • performance management system
  • adoption system equipment
  • 5S management system

Over the years, manufacturing technology, accurate to multilayer board, accurate delivery time, and reasonable budget price, fully meet the requirements of customers, has become one of the many data centers most important supply partner. The continuous effort, and customers to join hands in creating a high growth, high profit in the future