HuangJiang BD

cooperation between gbm & CMK In August 1999, HuangJiang BD was established in Yue Yuen Industrial Estate, Dong Guan City, Guang Dong Province, China. In 2003, this PCB company became the joint venture between CMK, a top-notch company ranked among the top 5 in the world ranking for PCB companies, and gbm, which owns majority of HuangJiang BD. It currently has 1300 employees, and its PCB monthly capacity reaches 0.7 million square feet. The product structure in early 2014 is as follows: Automotive 72.3%、Storage 17.7%、Consumer 3.7%、PC 3.0%、Communication 2.9%、Industrial 0.4%

The technology capabilities of HuangJiang BD are shown below:

Item Capability
Layer count D/S and multilayer up to 10 layers
Material CEM-3, FR-4, High Tg FR-5, High Tg-170, Halogen free
Thickness 0.014”~0.120”(0.35~3mm)
Impedance control +/-10%
Inner layer trace / space 4/4 mils (0.1/0.1mm)
Outer layer trace / space 4/4 mils (0.1/0.1mm)
Max panel size 20”X 24”(500mm X 600mm)
Min finished hole Size 0.01”(0.25mm)
Hole size tolerance +/-0.002”(+/-0.05mm; PTH)
Available finishes ENTEK, F2LX, FLUX, HASL, Immersion Gold, Immersion Ag. Gold Tab Plating, Carbonprint

HuangJiang BD operates with a considerable quantity of advanced equipments, a laboratory with specialized facilities, and professional reliability testing equipments. It possesses a well-established production foundation, a carefully-designed process structure, and all these demonstrate its high emphasis on product quality.

CuttingHorizontal Brown-OxideLaminationNC DrillingCu PlatingDFR ExposureAOISpray CoaterS/M ExposureLegend PrintingImmersion GoldHorizontal HASLRoutingPunchingHole InspectionE-TestImpedance TestWarp Inspection
Lab DAtomic Absorption SpectMicrosection GrindingCVS Analysis MeterGT TesterWave Solder MachineUV-SpectrophotometerSolder DipIonic Cleanliness TesterPeel Strength TesterSEM-EDXHardness TesterMRX TesterIonic ChromotographyGold Thickness TesterMicroscopeSolderability Tester3D Tester
Reliability Testing Equipments
  • Thermal Shock Tester
  • Environment Test Chamber
  • Temperature & Humidity Test Chamber
  • Temperature Test Chamber
  • Pressure Cooker Test Chamber
  • Hot Oil Test Chamber

CHuangJiang BD has long successfully achieved numerous approvals of international certifications in the fields of quality, safety and hygiene of the working environment, and others. These prove its constant efforts to improve its production quality and to maintain safety and hygiene of its factory. Also, in the prevailing trend of Green products, HuangJiang BD strives to follow all the environmental regulations and various international related standards, and it has acquired the certificate of Green Partner by SONY, the environmental management survey by Fujitsu, the certificate of Green Activity by Canon, and EHS Management by Pioneer.

Quality & Awards

ISO 9002
(2000 October)

ISO 14001
(2000 December)

QS 9000 (2001 June)

TS16949 (2004 June)

HuangJiang BD has been providing excellent-quality, reasonable-priced products for years, and fulfilling customers' demands and increasing their satisfaction. HuangJiang BD is customers' best business partner, and it will continuously strive to serve all the customers in the future

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