TS 16949

KunShan BD

KunShan BD, established in Kunshan E&T Development Zone, Jiangsu Province, China, has launched its mass production in October 2004. It is the gbm group's important PCB production base in the electronics cluster of the China Eastern Region. Its current monthly production capacity is 1 million square feet, and its products focus on automotive electronics, consumer electronics, IT products, and others. KunShan BD has been ardently building long-term business relationships with international top-notch companies in Japan, Korea, and US.

To pursue higher production quality and reasonable criterions for a safe working environment, KunShan BD has already achieved numerous international regulations and standards in quality as well as environment, safety, and hygiene. Passionately to ensure customers' total satisfaction, it has continuously strengthened its production quality control, and improved its working environments, to satisfy or even exceed customers' demands and expectations. KunShan BD has strived to serve the responsibilities of environmental-protection: It adopted Halogen-free materials and a lead-free process, conducted pollution-preventing activities, and actively managed environment-friendly education programs.

  • UL Certified
  • QS 9000 Certified
  • ISO14000 Certified
  • TS16949 Certified

IT products manufactured for the top-tier companies stress on effective costs, flexibility, and short response time; on the other hand, Japanese consumer electronics and automotive electronics focus on the reliability and the product quality. KunShan BD has been steadily developing each different product and advancing its product technology capacity. At present, it possesses the following production technology capabilities:

Item Capability
Layer count 2~10L
Board thickness 16mil~120mil (0.4~3.0mm)
Min.core thickness 3mil
Impedance control ±10%
Inner layer trace / space 3/3mil (75/75μm)
Outer layer trace / space 3/3mil (75/75μm)
Max.panel size 21"×24"
Registration of lamination ± 2mil (±50μm)
Registration of hole ± 2mil (±50μm)
Registration of i/o exposure ± 2mil (±50μm)
Registration of s/m exposure ± 2mil (±50μm)
Aspect ratio 8:1
Min.finished hole size 8mil
Available finishes OSP, LF HASL,, Immersion Gold, Immersion Silver

KunShan BD at this stage will manage its multi-dimensional development and a diversified product structure, and closely work with world-class companies. It will properly increase its capacity at the right time and persistently develop new products and improve its technology capabilities. KunShan BD will steadily enhance its competitive advantages and look forward to establishing long-term mutual-beneficial relationships with customers, providing them the largest overall interests which are trustworthy and long-lasting.