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To provide multiple products and full services, and to raise its overall competitiveness, gbm has worked actively to increase its degree of vertical integration. Currently, it has extended its PCB production to PCBA, mechanics, and system assembly. gbm has achieved certain competitive advantages in the depth and width of its production lines as well as its prices, and it has become many international companies, long-term business partners. It will steadily advance to the professional electronics manufacturing services, to offer customers even better integrated services. At the same time, its PCB business unit will also continue to increase its production capacity, to accumulate experiences in production processes and technology development, and to sharpen its competitive edge.please feel free to contact us as per following:

Purchasing Policy

GBM treasures supplier partnerships in an open and fair mind. Together we believe both will become more competitive and prosperous with the cooperative spirit. We keep on looking for environmental impact free material to make a better world.
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GBM actively building a harmonious and friendly working environment and set within the sound of external communication channels for employees, including internal and external Email, suggestion boxes and communication line and other entities, if you have any questions please contact us as per following.