Salary & Benefits

  • Year-end bonus
  • Cash gifts for the Chinese New Year, Dragon Boat Festival, and Mid-Autumn Festival
  • Labor insurance
  • Health insurance
  • Education subsidies and scholarships for employees and their children
  • Birthday subsidies and subsidies to wedding & funeral expenses
  • Birth subsidies
  • Hospital and emergency aid
  • Travel subsidies
  • Training and education programs
  • Health examination
  • Comprehensive pension plan
  • Fire drills and other safety measures
  • Authorized stores' discount favor
  • Year-end celebration party

Corporate Pension Plan

The company's retirement system is established in accordance with the Labor Standards Act and related regulations. After the company has appointed an actuary to perform actuarial calculations, the company's retirement reserve liability is provided at 2% to 15% of the total monthly payable salary. The Employee Retirement Reserve Supervision Committee is deposited in the special account of the Central Trust Administration's retirement fund. After July 1994, in accordance with the government policy to adopt a special personal refund system, employers withdraw monthly labor pensions of 6% of the labor's monthly wages and store them in the personal accounts of Bureau of Labor Insurance.

Retirement conditions:
Employees may apply for voluntary retirement if they:

一、Those who have worked for more than 15 years and have reached the age of 55.
二、Those who have worked for more than 25 years.
三、Those who have worked for more than ten years and have reached the age of sixty.

Employers may not force retirement of employees unless they have one of the following:

一、 Those who are over 65 years old.
二、 Loss of mind or physical disability makes them unfit for work.
The age specified in the first paragraph of the preceding paragraph shall be reported by the institution to the central competent authority for adjustment as a worker with special properties such as danger, strong physical strength, etc., but shall not be less than 55 years old.