Company Overview

gbm was founded in 1973, and it currently focuses on PCB production and EMS business, supplying products to major domestic and foreign companies, which cover various industries of information, communication, automobile, and consumer electronics. Our efforts have been gradually paid off: The consolidated revenues achieved NT$ 56 billion in 2006, and gbm is ranked 50th among Taiwan’s top 1000 manufacturing companies in Common Wealth Magazine. Moreover, gbm is ranked the world top 35th PCB production group in 2006.

Headquartered in Chang Hwa, gbm presently operates multiple PCB and PCBA production sites in Guang Dong and Jiangsu, to capture the electronics cluster effect in South China and in East China, and hence it can provide customers a better in-time and complete service. Our PCB monthly production reaches millions of square feet, and our EMS plants totally own over 100 SMT production lines. To establish it solid production and service strength, gbm has constantly and actively increased facility investment and it production capacity, and now it has achieved economies of scale. Looking into the future, top-notch electronics companies in US, Japan, and South Korea, based on the consideration of their markets or costs, will continue to release orders to OEMs, and we have great confidence in the company’s growth and business prospects.

Taiwan Tech Top100 (2004, 2005)

Technology Fast50 (2006)

Top10 Elite among Taiwan Tech Top100 (2006)

To provide multiple products and full services, and to raise its overall competitiveness, gbm has worked actively to increase its degree of vertical integration. Currently, it has extended its PCB production to PCBA, mechanics, and system assembly. gbm has achieved certain competitive advantages in the depth and width of its production lines as well as its prices, and it has become many international companies’ long-term business partners. It will steadily advance to the professional electronics manufacturing services, to offer customers even better integrated services. At the same time, its PCB business unit will also continue to increase its production capacity, to accumulate experiences in production processes and technology development, and to sharpen its competitive edge.