Green Management System

ISO 14001


Our Responsibility

Environmental Protection

gbm strives to provide environment-friendly products, and, through environmental management, reduces pollution from production activities. In compliance with related regulations at home and abroad, gbm constantly improves the production process and prevents pollution, to protect the Earth and the environment, and makes diligent efforts to raise the company’s green competitive edge. At present, most divisions of gbm has achieved the standard of ISO 14001, and endeavors to follow the RoHS.

Safety and Health Management

With the respect and responsibility for customers, employees, shareholders, and society, gbm values safety and health management, actively reduces potential operation risks, and well manages all the issues of safety and health during the producing and selling process. gbm communicates environment, safety, and health issues, conducts training, encourages all employees’ participation, and has continuously reviewed and improved the procedure. Most divisions of gbm presently has achieved the standard of OHSAS 18000, and will constantly strengthen its operation management.

Social Participation

Based on the foundation of stable profitability and with the core value of “Service,” gbm started with serving customers, employees, and shareholders, through various technology collaboration and social care activities, sharing our operating results and profits with society, in order to achieve the ultimate goal of corporate sustainable operation and social participation.