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ShenZhen BD

ShenZhen BD Computer (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd. (ShenZhen BD) was established in Shenzhen, Guang Dong Province, China in Nov. 1993. The first PCB company in the gbm group, ShenZhen BD operates with 2shifts, approximately 1600 employees, and its monthly production capacity is 1.5 million square feet. Its product mix includes desktop PC, network and communication, digital cameras, and others. The company believes are as follows:

  • Customer's success is our responsibility.
  • Quality is our life.
  • Continuous operating is our commitment.

ShenZhen BD possesses excellent process capabilities and an effective cost control, therefore being able to provide the most economical and high-quality products and services. It has consistently developed better process technologies and production management. Its current engineering capabilities are shown below:

Item Capability
Min / Max layer count 4/14
Lamination evenness ±0.5mil (±0.0005inch / ±0.013mm)
Min. inner trace / space 4mil / 4mil (0.004inch / 0.10mm)
Min core thickness 3mil (0.003inch / 0.075mm)
Min. ext. trace / space 4mil / 4mil (0.004inch / 0.10mm)
Min. hole size 8mil (0.008inch / 0.20mm)
Drilling accuracy ±1mil (±0.001inch / ±0.025mm)
PTH hole diameter tolerance ±2mil(±0.002inch / ±0.05mm)
Max aspect ratio 8:1
Routing Tolerance 4mil (0.004inch / 0.10mm)
Min / Max finished PCB thickness 16mil / 126mil (0.016inch / 0.126inch; 0.40mm / 3.15mm)
Max working panel size 21inch* 24inch
Max Bow / twist 0.5%
Characteristic impedance control 60ohm±10%
Differential impedance control 100 ohm ± 10%, 90 ohm ± 10%, 70 ohm ± 10%
Layer to layer registration <3mil (< 0.003inch / 0.075mm)
Anti-oxidation surface finish OSP Immersion Ag HASL

ShenZhen BD highly values production quality and environment protection, and for years it has actively pursued a better quality management procedure, enterprise safety & hygiene system, and followed related regulations, in order to strengthen its overall operating activities. It has achieved the following certifications

  • ISO 9002 certified in Dec. 1996
  • QS 9000 certified in Dec. 2002
  • ISO 14001 certified in Nov. 2003
  • ISO 9001:2000 certified in Dec. 2005
  • IECQ HPSM QC080000 certified in Dec. 2007

ShenZhen BD strives to deliver the following quality policy: “Do it right at the first time & pursue zero defect.” Additionally, it establishes the following quality commitment to all the customers: “All employees and managers work together to produce high quality products by implementing the quality management system and continuous improvement. Customer satisfaction is our paramount obligation.” To achieve the quality commitment and fulfill the high-standard quality policy, ShenZhen BD has assigned the explicit quality seeking objective: “Carrying out six sigma management system & pursuing zero defect quality.” At present, its next goals of certification are “ISO/TS16949: 2002 Quality Management System.” Also, currently ShenZhen BD actively undertakes the following quality activities:

  • Six Sigma project management system
  • PDCA project improvement system
  • Employee suggestion for improvement project
  • Performance management system
  • Equipment adoption system
  • 5S management system

Through its precise multi-layer manufacturing know-how, accurate delivery schedule, and reasonable budgeting prices, over the years ShenZhen BD has fully satisfied customers' demands, and hence become many top-notch IT companies' best supplier and won numerous customer recognitions. ShenZhen BD will steadily work hard to advance, and it will work with customers to create a bright future with the high growth and amazing profitability.